Connect, Integrate, Analyze

Microsoft SQL Server

Create a single source of truth to manage, monitor, and analyze your critical data. Integrate your SQL Server with TARGIT's InMemory database for end-to-end analysis or import one-off datasets through our Data Discovery module. 

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Use TARGIT With Microsoft SQL Server

TARGIT Decision Suite offers fully supported, market-leading BI implementations for Microsoft SQL Server. Connect directly to your data warehouse, SSAS cubes, tabular models, or operational databases for real-time analytics and a complete overview of your entire organization.

Integrate data from your Microsoft SQL Server databases for ad-hoc analysis with TARGIT’s Data Discovery module or incorporate it into your TARGIT InMemory database for the full TARGIT solution.

SQL on Azure

Use SQL Server on Azure or utilize it on premise. The full power is yours, no matter where you want to use it.

Prebuilt Solutions

TARGIT and TARGIT partners offer a wide range of prebuilt solutions for all industries and business applications built on SQL Server.

Microsoft as BI backend

Using Microsoft as your BI backend gives you access to use some of the industry’s strongest data tools. We’ll help you master them.

See Other Data Sources

Don't be boxed in by data source limitations. Integrate data from all your systems and databases into a single world view.