TARGIT Decision Suite 2019 is Here

April 08, 2019

We’ve been rolling out sneak peeks to some of our favorite new features and functions of TARGIT Decision Suite 2019 for months now, like the new functions multi-select and grouping, object aligning, integrated reporting, and object transparency and overlap.

When we started designing this latest update, we focused on how we could make the Designer and Consumer experiences better. We improved and added features that save you time, give you more control, and make an actual measurable impact on your daily business life.

On April 9, you’ll finally be able to see all the pieces of the puzzle together at the official launch webinar. Along with Mikkel Oldenburg, TARGIT Senior Sales Manager, I’ll be showing off everything you can do with the new TARGIT Canvas, new report engine, super intelligent documents, and improved mobile apps.

Here’s what I’m most excited to show you

1. New design experience with TARGIT Canvas: Improved objects and new features to make them easier to customize to users’ own preferences for the most user-friendly design experience. In the new canvas, you can multi-select objects for easy relocation and scaling. You can group multi-selected objects into more coherent layout blocks. Grouped objects can be ungrouped for detailed relocation of individual objects.

The new built-in guidance system makes it fast and easy to align and resize objects. Another new feature in the canvas is the free flow, resize-able, transparent objects. Objects can now overlap other objects with transparency support. You can relocate objects to a position on top of or below other objects, changing both drill behavior and visual appearance.

2. Fully integrated reporting: The new TARGIT Report Engine puts all the control in your hands. A report is now an integrated part of a document, and just another layout within the document. It renders both dashboards and reports created in the same place – the TARGIT Canvas, so you only need one skill set to do both. To get started, just click whether you want to create a dashboard or a report.

Seamless report design makes it easy to place all objects and content anywhere on the page, just like when designing dashboards. The new Report Engine also supports multi-page design. Whenever you design a report with multiple pages, each page can have its own individual design.

Designers can even divide the report layout into multiple separate page designs. You can break your report into sections, such as front page, summary page, detail pages (which are repeatable), comment page, back page, and so on.

3. Completely updated mobile apps: Overall, the new mobile apps are faster and more robust.
Users can now design layouts that are orientation aware. TARGIT automatically detects the device and converts documents for optimal viewing, and documents look the same across all platforms. It allows for greater diversity in terms of creating visualizations customized for the specific mobile platform.

The new, more intuitive design makes drilling, commenting, annotating, and sharing easier than ever. You can also enable and disable animations. Export to PDF, export to Excel, and even export a single object to Excel.

Always looking for ways to save time and boost productivity, we added keyboard shortcuts for external keyboards. Browsing files are easier thanks to the Pinned folder with an improved overview. You can even choose an analysis to load on start up.

We also gave server connections a boost. For iOS users, server connections are synced via each user’s iCloud Keychain, so server username and password are synced to your other devices.

4. Super intelligent document model: Design objects once in the TARGIT Document Model and reuse them across all the layouts in the same document, from desktop, phone, tablet, web, and report layout. 

It is easy to make a change in any layout, which reflects automatically across all other layouts. Users can also save and re-use designs. It is quick and easy to apply layouts, designs, colors, branding, and more throughout new documents.

The new template support allows users to save any document as a template for later reuse in another context. When users open a document, TARGIT detects the device and automatically selects the best design layout for that device, so you don’t even have to do anything.

5. Updated documentation portal: To support all of the new features in Decision Suite 2019 and further enhance your experience we have created a new documentation portal to aid you in your use of TARGIT Decision Suite. This portal contains both documents, videos, plus on-demand TARGIT University training material explaining the new features and how to configure your TARGIT platform. The content within the portal is divided based on the various user types available (end user, administrator, and BI developer). Visit the portal here.

As always, your client success team is always available to answer any questions you can't find in the portal, or if you need assistance configuring your TARGIT platform.

Here’s why these updates matter to you

1. One skill set: You only need one skill set to master designing comprehensive reports and dashboards. That means more people within your organization can really wrap their hands around creating stunning dashboards and reports with a completely improved user experience. 

2. Save time: Designers spend a fraction of the time designing reports than it would take them in other platforms. All you have to do is select whether you want to design a report or a dashboard and then you’re off and running for a fully integrated report experience. In regards to designing for devices, in TARGIT Decision Suite 2019, you just design once for your specific platforms and you’re done. The system automatically adjusts for the device detected when opened by a user.

3. Deeper understanding: It’s easier to compare and drill deeper for a far more extensive understanding of the data. We’re putting way more control in your hands so you can create reports, dashboards, and analyses that make the most sense for your users and business. Your BI Consumers get the benefit of more comprehensive dashboards and reports that display data in ways that are easier to interpret and explore.

4. Wider user adoption: TARGIT’s design tools make it simple to create consistent, re-usable reports, dashboards, and templates so BI consumers get easier access to the most important KPIs on any device. Every dashboard and report are automatically adjusted by the system to look best on the device that is detected, no matter if that’s a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.  

This is big. You need to see it to truly get a grasp of the entirely new TARGIT Decision Suite 2019 experience, so register for the April 9 launch webinar today!

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