5 Benefits of TARGIT’s Cloud Business Intelligence Solution

Originally published July 11, 2022. Updated March 20, 2024
Tommy Jensen
Tommy Jensen
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Across industries, organizations are migrating to the cloud to centralize business processes, modernize operations, and pave the way for growth. To support cloud-based operations without losing sight of their business data, they need analytics software that’s as advanced and agile as their larger business environment.

TARGIT’s cloud business intelligence (BI) and analytics solution was designed to meet the unique needs of businesses undergoing digital transformation. In this post, we’ll share five ways TARGIT Cloud can drive business value and help support your organization at every stage of the migration process.


1. Protect Your Initial BI Investment

Cloud-based solutions pave the way for scalability while also modernizing your business so you can integrate systems, work remotely, and more. However, these solutions can also be expensive and time-consuming to deploy and adopt across teams.

Most cloud software vendors tout brand new solutions built exclusively on and for the cloud. They present these shiny new solutions as the best—or even the only—way to migrate your BI and analytics operations to the cloud, leaving your leadership teams to figure out the finances. Managers may be hesitant to move away from the on-premises systems your company has already invested time and money into, especially since you’ll have to pay even more to set up something new.

Unlike most vendors, TARGIT offers a cloud business intelligence platform that enhances the features of our existing BI software and maximizes your on-premises investment instead of bringing you back to square one. TARGIT Cloud isn’t a from-scratch solution; it brings all the features of our Decision Suite platform to a scalable, cloud-based environment. Existing Decision Suite customers can recreate their on-premises infrastructure in the cloud.

This approach allows you to extend the value of your existing TARGIT solution rather than investing in a brand new one. Plus, you’ll save time and money on training, onboarding, and adoption since your employees already use TARGIT in their day-to-day activities.


2. Create a Scalable Environment

Without the right solutions provider, migrating to the cloud is challenging and complex. Most in-house IT teams simply don’t have the resources to manage a cloud-based infrastructure, which leaves businesses half-in on the cloud or prevents them from adopting it in the first place.

TARGIT Cloud isn’t a single BI tool; it’s an enterprise-ready infrastructure that’s ready to deploy without requiring a heavy lift from your technology teams. We manage security, scalability, and more while giving you total control over how and where you leverage BI and analytics features across your business.

We provide your end-users with a reliable, cloud-based data layer where they can perform advanced analysis, generate reports, and customize dashboards with ease. The always-on cloud environment also ensures that you’re operating in the latest version of TARGIT since updates are pushed out automatically.


3. Improve Data Governance

No matter where you operate, security and data governance are likely top of mind. In fact, data governance has been a leading trend in the BI industry over the past several years, especially as data breaches increase and remote work complicates access controls.


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Data governance is a critical element of organizational maturity. And as more organizations move their BI and analytics operations over to the cloud, security is their primary concern.

TARGIT Cloud brings Decision Suite’s on-premises governance capabilities into the cloud, giving you even more control over who accesses what information across teams, departments, and systems.


4. Centralize Data Analysis

If you’ve already moved several business operations to the cloud, it doesn’t make sense to continue processing data in an on-premises tool. For example, let’s say you’ve already implemented an AI solution that’s hosted in the cloud. The natural next step is to move your BI operations to the cloud so you can integrate your analytics solution into the rest of your cloud environment.

Most businesses operate through a multitude of different solutions. With TARGIT, you can use integrating to connect them to one another and your BI platform, simplifying maintenance and improving data accessibility. TARGIT Cloud is an enterprise-ready infrastructure that delivers advanced analytics tools directly to data sources across your organization.

Use TARGIT Cloud’s advanced integrations and embedding capabilities to give your organization a single source of data truth. Rather than exporting data from cloud-based systems and analyzing it in a siloed, on-premises solution, you can integrate cloud BI directly into multiple data sources and centralize reporting in minutes.

TARGIT helps you centralize analysis and connect multiple data sources to your BI backend. Embed TARGIT dashboards in your CRM, ERP, and other cloud-based systems to promote self-service BI and give business users immediate access to data insights without making them hunt down information inside of a complex BI platform.

Cloud Migration Existing Clients

5. Migrate to Cloud Business Intelligence on Your Terms

Typical Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) promote a fast-tracked migration process. They encourage organizations to deploy cloud solutions quickly and comprehensively, then turn off their on-premises solutions as soon as possible. While this approach might sound like a great way to accelerate digital transformation, it’s often not that simple in practice.

Your organization likely relies on a mix of on-premises and cloud-based solutions today, and it’d be nearly impossible to move all of your legacy systems to the cloud simultaneously. A complete migration would disrupt daily operations, introduce a steep learning curve for employees, and require a lofty financial commitment.

Since TARGIT Cloud is an extension of our Decision Suite platform, customers can transition to the cloud gradually in whatever way works best for their business operations. We support your organization at every step of the migration process. You can run TARGIT on-premises and in the cloud simultaneously, migrate gradually in phases, and conduct extensive cloud testing before retiring your on-premises solutions.


Start Your Cloud-Based BI Journey with TARGIT Cloud

We leveraged decades of combined BI experience to develop an easy-to-use, cloud-centric BI and analytics solution that meets our customers’ unique needs.

Our cloud business intelligence solution brings all of TARGIT Decision Suite’s features and our industry-focused value drivers—like accelerators and pre-built reports—over to the cloud.

Protect your BI and analytics investments by migrating your on-premises TARGIT infrastructure to a cloud-based ecosystem: Request a demo today.


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Originally published July 11, 2022. Updated March 20, 2024

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Tommy Jensen

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