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Originally published January 31, 2020. Updated July 11, 2023

We're happy to offer to our customers our BI Accelerator edition built for TARGIT InMemory. TARGIT Accelerators are pre-packaged BI solutions that get you up and running with your analytics project quickly and easily. This new offering connects directly to Microsoft Dynamics NAV via in-memory right out of the box with standard cubes and ready-to-use reports and analyses.

For front-end users, this is just one more option to have your solution running on pure TARGIT technology without the need for any third-party software. TARGIT InMemory is our own enterprise-grade in-memory database and back-end tool set. That means you get the speed and power of in-memory processing and the instant access to analytics with TARGIT Accelerators.


All the power, more of the speed, none of the unexpected costs


Accelerator for Dynamics NAV offers most features available in the SQL Server edition. Quickly and easily integrate CRM data, web metrics, e-commerce data, and data from other relevant data sources to gain even deeper insight into the KPIs you need to make better decisions faster. This is enterprise-level data integration from unlimited data sources in seconds.

Because it’s running in-memory, the Accelerator for Dynamics NAV InMemory breaks away from the traditional cube structure. Freedom from reliance on a third-party data warehouse lowers the cost of the entire BI solution and speeds ROI.

And scaling the solution if and when you’re ready won’t break the bank. You can expand what is automatically available out-of-the-box as company data requirements evolve. A fully configured TARGIT ETL Studio script it available at installation. Once up and running, you can add dimensions, measures, and calculated measures from any table within the primary source system or other data sources. This helps keep IT consultancy hours down, lowering the overall cost of ownership.


The easiest way to get started with inMemory


The TARGIT Accelerator for NAV InMemory lets you integrate and mashup data from inside and outside the data warehouse incredibly fast. The column store technology only looks through relevant data when querying, without wasting time processing the entire table. This is the easiest way to get started with BI in-memory without needing the technical expertise to establish the connections yourself.

Users have already been taking advantage of full-scale in-memory processing projects, and now we’ve made it available instantly with TARGIT Accelerators.

Simpler licensing


Before now, TARGIT has run exclusively on SQL Server. We’re not diminishing our commitment to SQL, but we are opening up a new option for users to integrate their data from any source. By running your entire TARGIT solution exclusively on TARGIT technology, the only license you need is from TARGIT. This simplifies licensing. TARGIT InMemory licensing also does not increase based on the number of back-end users, unlike other platforms. All of this adds up to significant savings and fast ROI.

Want to learn more?


Hear from other TARGIT companies who rely on TARGIT Decision Suite for NAV in this free guide: TARGIT for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

TARGIT for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Originally published May 25, 2017. Updated July 11, 2023