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Originally published January 28, 2020. Updated March 20, 2024
Søren Block Olsen
Søren Block Olsen
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Let's look at the way you're currently monitoring and measuring your equipment dealership. You manage information from your ERP, CRM, and DMS systems. You pull reports once a month and think you have a pretty good handle on what is going on in your company.

But do you have answers to questions exactly when you need them? Have you ever found yourself wishing you had instant access to more precise numbers? Do you know what’s happening at your dealership at every minute of every day?

You may think you have insight into the health and optimization of your company, but there are a number of red flags that signify your company is lacking fundamental access to critical data. Take the quiz below to find out if it’s time for you to upgrade to a BI and Analytics solution designed for the heavy equipment industry.


The BI quiz


  1. How do you consolidate reports from various data sources?
    1. Oh, that is not possible
    2. Manually
    3. The system automatically does it
  2. How long does it take to pull a report?
    1. Days
    2. Hours
    3. Seconds
  3. How often are you monitoring important KPIs?
    1. What’s a KPI?
    2. Every month
    3. Every hour
  4. What is your accessibility to insight?
    1. Monthly
    2. A couple days
    3. Instantly, whenever, wherever I want it
  5. Have you ever been presented with conflicting data and you aren’t sure whose numbers are correct?
    1. Ugh, all the time
    2. Sometimes
    3. Never
  6. How accessible is data to company decision makers?
    1. They have to ask for it
    2. They can read it
    3. It’s totally self-service




  1. = 10 points
  2. = 5 points
  3. = 1 point
  • 31-60 points: There’s no time to waste. You are so, so ready for BI.
  • 15-30 points: You’re getting there, but it’s time to start thinking about how true BI can streamline your decision-making process.
  • < 15 points: Congratulations! You’re a decision-making master!
An advanced reporting and analytics solution puts BI in the hands of every decision maker in the organization, no matter their level of technical expertise. User-friendly tools make creating analyses as simple as plugging in a few natural language words and watching the solution do the work. Users can drill down into details of analyses in just a few clicks.

If you scored 15 points or above on the quiz, a great place to start is by downloading the free guide: Are you ready for business intelligence? In it, you’ll learn about the six most common signs that signify your company needs a BI and Analytics solution made for the heavy equipment industry, and get a better sense of what your company would look like if you had one.

There’s profit in all the data your dealership is collecting. Are you mining for it?

Optimize your dealership with BI

Originally published January 28, 2020. Updated March 20, 2024

Søren Block Olsen
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Søren Block Olsen

Director of Marketing & Sales Operations