Inside TARGIT Careers: Federico Returns to Team TARGIT

Originally published June 8, 2023. Updated March 20, 2024

Everyone's career journey is unique. Some spend years climbing the corporate ladder at the same enterprise organization, while others explore various roles and companies before landing a job they love.  

At TARGIT, we foster a company culture where team members can upskill and develop their careers in ways that aligns with their passions and unique skill sets. Rather than limiting them to a strict, linear development plan, we encourage each team member to pursue educational opportunities, nurture their passions, and develop their roles in the ways they find most fulfilling.  

We employ student workers in various disciplines and enable our employees to chart their own career paths based on their interests and professional goals. In many cases, we provide tailored mentorship and upskilling opportunities to support these career objectives.  

In this post, we'll look at one employee's non-traditional career journey with TARGIT, discuss his new role, and hear which projects he's most excited about in the coming months.  

Joining Team TARGIT the First Time Around 

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Federico Guiance moved to Denmark nearly two years ago to pursue his studies and be closer to his then-long-distance girlfriend. Now a married man and resident of Aalborg, he is pursuing a Master's degree in Culture, Communication and Globalization at Aalborg University.  

Federico first heard about TARGIT earlier on in his education when he was looking for a part-time job to fill his free time between classes. He found the company through LinkedIn and applied to be a Business Development Representative (BDR) in September 2021.  

When he visited the office for his interview, Federico immediately felt at home. He recalls the office as comfortable and welcoming, even with language and cultural differences between himself and his soon-to-be colleagues. Federico was also drawn to TARGIT's company culture and focus on creating a healthy work-life balance for all employees.  

"I was drawn to TARGIT because I like doing meaningful work, and I could see that this was an opportunity to do an interesting job surrounded by a team of welcoming people."  

Federico spent ten months as a part-time business development representative (BDR) during the first year of his Master's program. He learned about TARGIT's business intelligence (BI) product, target markets, and sales strategies.  

Unfortunately, Federico's university internship requirements forced him to leave the BDR team in June 2022. However, this was not the end of his career journey with TARGIT.  

Turning Over a New Leaf in the Customer Excellence Department 

After Federico completed his internship program in early 2023, he was contacted by TARGIT's Customer Excellence department for a brand new opportunity: to become a Customer Success Operations Student Worker.  

Federico felt excited to return to a familiar company under a new department, complete with new responsibilities and skills to refine.  

Federico appreciates TARGIT's approach to customer excellence and the chance to pursue his interests through his new role. He enjoys helping people and likes the fact that the customer success department gives him many opportunities to listen to real opinions on TARGIT.  

"I have already worked on the other side of the spectrum, selling TARGIT as a BDR. Now, I can dig deeper into customers' actual experiences once the sales close and hear their thoughts about what we are doing well and where we can improve."  

Federico is currently analyzing data from TARGIT's US and EMEA customer surveys. "I'm enjoying my new role so far, as many of my tasks align with my interests in data analysis and content creation," he explains.  

Looking to the Future

Aside from the analyses he's been running, Federico is looking forward to the future of his role, including new opportunities to collaborate with other teams at TARGIT.  

"The chance to write again is inspiring to me. As a former journalist, I really miss it. I would love to write some communication templates for our department, or maybe even a blog or guide for the website. I like that this role allows me to use several of my skill sets simultaneously. TARGIT does an incredible job of keeping things fresh and interesting and allowing employees to pursue their passions at work."   

So, while he's not entirely sure what he'll be working on in the coming months, Federico says that's part of what makes his job so exciting.  

We're also excited to see what Federico does next in his new role and so glad to welcome him back to Team TARGIT!  


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Originally published February 2, 2023. Updated March 20, 2024