What’s New in TARGIT’s Winter 2022 Product Update?

Originally published December 1, 2022. Updated April 10, 2024
Ole Dyring
Ole Dyring
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The newest version of TARGIT Decision Suite is here! Our Winter ‘22 product update brings powerful functionality and exciting new tools to every user, from expert analysts to day-to-day business users.


Highlights of our latest release include:

…and much more!

This update will help your teams increase efficiency, unlock new insights, and deliver more impactful results to business decision-makers.


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Let’s take a look at what’s new in TARGIT Decision Suite:


Enhanced Functionality for Scheduled Jobs


Duplicate Scheduled jobCopy Scheduled Jobs: Decision Suite’s new “copy” feature makes it easy to create new Scheduled Jobs in just a few clicks. Rather than creating each new Scheduled Job from scratch, users can now copy an existing job from the Scheduled Jobs list, then modify various settings as needed to align with the new job specifications. This capability saves time and effort, plus improves standardization across scheduled jobs. Learn more.



Multi-select and multi-manage scheduled jobs

Multi-Manage Scheduled Jobs: Administrators can now update and execute multiple schedules at once through the Scheduled Jobs Manager. To get started, users can simply multi-select (SHIFT select and/or CTRL select) multiple jobs from the Scheduled Jobs list, then apply global settings — such as run now, enable, disable, delete, or duplicate — to all selected jobs. Learn more.


Scheduled export dashboard to Powerpoint

Export to PowerPoint: TARGIT’s Winter ‘22 update allows users to automate the export of a dashboard into a high-resolution PowerPoint rather than limiting them to the pre-existing bitmap format or the manual export option. This new feature enables business users to pull data straight from scheduled job reports into presentation-ready PowerPoint decks. Learn more.

Folders for Data Discovery

Data Discovery foldersNow, teams can organize multiple Data Discovery cubes and data sources with new drag-and-drop folders. Users can create folders and subfolders in the “Data Sources” and “Cubes” tabs to speed up admin work, improve data organization, and increase visibility between data sources.

They can move data sources and cubes from one folder to another quickly and easily via drag-and-drop functionality or the right-click dialog, and enjoy streamlined data management across the entire Decision Suite instance. Learn more.


New Export Formats in the Anywhere Client

Remove formatting from Excel export in AnywhereYou can export tables from TARGIT Anywhere with the formatting options of their choice. Along with the existing “Export to Excel, with formatting,” Consumer users also have the option to “Export to Excel, without formatting.” Learn more.


Triggers: Repeat Dimension Members When Exporting to Excel

Repeat dimension members from triggered exportDecision Suite’s new repeat dimension Trigger feature allows Designer users to configure data exports to “Repeat dimension members for all rows/columns” and decide whether to “Preserve formatting.” This option saves significant time and effort during the export process and reduces the potential for tedious post-export file updates.

Anywhere users in embedded mode will benefit significantly from this new trigger feature since they do not have access to the export settings from their browser-based Preferences menu. Learn more.


New Values and Visualization Options for Charts

Custom plot lines for scatter and bubble chartsCustom Values in Bubble and Scatter Charts: Decision Suite’s latest release includes new custom values for Bubble and Scatter charts. Along with the existing option to show intersection lines calculated by their average values per axis, users can now apply custom values for horizontal and vertical plot lines on Bubble and Scatter Charts. Learn more.

Maps to Support Mercator Projections: The Winter ‘22 update of TARGIT Decision Suite boasts updated map projection types to accompany the pre-existing Equirectangular projection type. Now, maps support the Mercator projection to present the latitudinal and longitudinal location of dimensions on a map. Learn more.


Descriptions in the Data Model Editor

The latest version of TARGIT includes new customizable description fields to improve documentation for data models. Users can now add descriptions to Measures, Calculations, and Global Calculations in the Data Model Editor.

The final Descriptions will appear directly in the TARGIT Client, eliminating the need for two-step documentation and improving documentation. Learn more.


Enhanced OpenID Security in the TARGIT Server

The new “isolation” feature in the TARGIT Server enables enterprises with multiple OpenID providers to isolate each one on the front end, enhancing privacy and security across the organization.

When end-users from various organizations log onto the same server via OpenID, the isolation feature ensures they only see their own OpenID identity provider, and are redirected to their Public URL. Learn more.


Customizable “No Data” Message in Reports

Custom text for Empty resultsRather than showing the standard “empty result alert when data isn’t available for a report Object, users can create custom messages that give end-users more context about why the data is unavailable, i.e., “your department did not have any absences this month.” Learn more.


Multiple “OR” Dimensions for Required Criteria

Required criteria works with ANY dimensionUsers can now more easily analyze and organize complex datasets with Decision Suite’s newly enhanced filtering options.

The “ALL/ANY function allows them to configure Required Criteria with multiple dimensions by ANY dimension rather than the existing requirement that ALL dimensions must be used. Learn more.


Equip Your Teams With TARGIT’s Newest Tools and Features

Ready to implement these changes in your Decision Suite instance?

Visit our community page to explore the full list of updates and features included in our Winter 2022 update or visit the change log in the Download Center to get a detailed overview. 

Feel free to report bugs in the TARGIT Support System and share feature requests or ideas at TARGIT Community.


We look forward to your feedback!



Webinar: Introducing TARGIT Winter '22 Update

Originally published December 1, 2022. Updated April 10, 2024