Top Features of TARGIT’s Spring 2022 Update

Originally published March 30, 2022. Updated April 10, 2024

New analytics power coming in! Offering a range of new features, the latest version of TARGIT Decision Suite is better than ever.

Our latest product update is here and is full of new functionalities, including:

These new features are designed to save you time and resources, making it even easier to use TARGIT insights across your organization. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

Subscriber Scheduling

This latest product update introduces a new delivery type for scheduling. Designers can still use the “Email” delivery type to identify users who should automatically receive job outputs. With the new Subscription delivery type, individual users can now subscribe to jobs themselves and choose to receive scheduled reports directly to their email inbox.


Report Distribution

You are now able to assign multiple reports to one scheduled job, even if they come from different departments in your organization. This organizational tool helps prevent siloing any information and duplicate reports.


Totals and Subtotals

The handling of subtotals has also improved in this update. In previous versions of TARGIT software, when querying data from DAX/Tabular data warehouse, Totals and Subtotals were automatically returned as part of the query.

Now, queries reflect client settings for Totals and Subtotals rather than presenting all Totals and Subtotals by default. So when Subtotals are disabled in the client, they won’t be reflected in the DAX/Tabular query.

Parametric Roles

TARGIT admins can create Parametric Roles for Windows Security. These roles use additional user account information from your AD to create dynamic settings—including forced criteria by department—when a user logs into your instance for the first time.


Third-Party Integrations

Now, you can integrate TARGIT with more of the operational systems you use on a daily basis. Whether you need to connect backend systems or make BI reports and dashboards more accessible to business users, our latest update makes it easy to extend the value of your BI solution into other tools and systems. Highlights include:

Implemented features include:


Bring the Latest Updates to Your Team

Ready to implement these changes in your TARGIT instance?

Browse our community page to see the full list of the Spring 2022 update and how to utilize each feature or visit the change log in the Download Center to get a detailed overview.

Feel free to post any comments, ideas, and bug reports in the TARGIT Support System.

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Spring Product Update ‘22: What's New?

Originally published March 30, 2022. Updated April 10, 2024