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TARGIT delivers data power to this Danish municipality

about the company

Skanderborg Kommune is a Danish municipality located just southeast of the major city of Aarhus. The government provides more than 70 local services such as child care, schools, and senior centers to the region's 60,000 inhabitants.

their challenges

  • The municipality lacked an efficient way to share data with government managers throughout the region
  • There was little transparency into regional data for citizens
  • Government employees and citizens had no way to benchmark various services across the region

how we helped

  • Employees have insight into their department as well as overall municipality efficiency and effectiveness
  • Users no longer rely on external IT consultancy to wrangle data
  • Data from throughout the municipality is easily pulled and displayed in user-friendly dashboards
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"This will ultimately save taxpayers money because the municipality is far better equipped to collect knowledge from data"

Lars Leth, Economist

Modern municipal operations have long been a highly complex issue that hinges on effective data sharing and use for both city employees and citizens. With 70 local services, such as day care centers, schools, and senior citizen centers, Denmark’s municipality of Skanderborg needed a more efficient way to give power over data to government managers throughout the municipality, and open the door to entirely new opportunities to identify, analyze, and act on problems.

Skanderborg Municipality chose TARGIT Decision Suite's custom analytics solution for municipalities, which was selected to help to change the way the municipality collects, organizes, and works with data. 

Each of the municipality’s 70 government-funded centers have been provided with TARGIT licenses, with more than 400 employees in total currently using the Decision Suite to give them a better understanding not only of their own department and center, but of their progress and efficiency in the entire municipality.
In the past, Skanderborg Municipality relied on external IT consultancy to help them wrangle data. “It had been such that workflow would adapt to available data,” says Lars Leth, Economist at Municipality of Skanderborg. 

Leth heads the municipality’s TARGIT implementation. “Now we would like to see it going the other way; that data adapts to the users. This will ultimately save taxpayers money because the municipality is far better equipped to collect knowledge from data.”

With TARGIT Decision Suite, Skanderborg Municipality can easily pull reports, analyses, and dashboards from the massive amount of data that’s available from each center to get the answers they need. Data will now be better tracked and analyzed, making it possible for strategic future planning based on facts instead of just opinion and conjecture.

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