CMO Lise T. Luckow Recognized on The M List 2023

Originally published May 31, 2023. Updated June 21, 2023

Aalborg, Denmark TARGIT's Chief Commercial Officer, Lise T. Luckow, has been recognized on The M List 2023. The M List was created by Dansk Markedsføring (Danish Marketing Association) to celebrate Denmark’s most skilled marketing and communication professionals.

Lise brings over two decades of experience leading marketing, communication, and branding strategy to her role as TARGIT's CMO. Her inclusion on The M List 2023 demonstrates her success in leading TARGIT's marketing department and her expertise in the most impactful trends and opportunities for Sales and Marketing teams.   

One element of Lise's M List debut was a Q&A session with Dansk Markedsføring about the current economic climate, the green transition, and the top challenges for marketers.   

In line with TARGIT’s focus on leading data-driven operations, Lise shared her strategic insights on how to overcome current economic obstacles, like longer sales cycles and unpredictable pipelines:  

Customer data and the ability to analyze data, as well as the accuracy of data, is one of the keys. In addition, understanding the different stages in the customer journey is important for both marketing and sales.” 

Click here to read all of Lise’s Q&A responses on the Dansk Markedsføring website.  

Everyone at TARGIT is thrilled that Lise has received this well-deserved recognition. We look forward to continued success and exciting achievements with Lise at the head of our Marketing team, where she consistently delivers actionable, collaborative strategies and measurable results.  



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Originally published May 30, 2023. Updated June 21, 2023