SMT Data Provides Measurable Impact with TARGIT's 2021 Release

Originally published October 11, 2021. Updated February 7, 2022

IT business intelligence (BI) software company SMT Data utilizes the latest release of TARGIT Decision Suite 2021 to provide their users with an improved design and user experience.

During the first months of 2021, SMT Data has been working on a pilot implementation of TARGIT Decision Suite 2021 into its software solution ITBI™. 

SMT Data makes IT BI software that brings greater transparency to the relationship between IT capacity costs and business activities for a range of customers in both the public and private sectors.

TARGIT Decision Suite is the advanced BI and analytics tool used to support data visualization within ITBI. The latest '21 release has been integrated into a completely new user interface, meeting SMT Data’s customers among others with:

  • Improved user-friendly navigation with left-hand side scroll-down menu.
  • Enhanced security with 2-factor authentication.
  • The flexibility of password management.

“The new user interface is a first important step in the direction of a more elegant and accessible solution that will make important IT business analytics available for different roles in the organization,” said SMT Data CIO Mads Ehlers Rasmussen. “Our tool allows both technical and business people to have the full transparency into IT and performance metrics and costs and enables them to make informed decisions.”

The implementation of TARGIT Decision Suite '21 gives SMT Data’s ITBI users access to exciting new insights and features, including:

  • 300 new standard reports
  • More detailed CICS reporting
  • Support for WebSphere
  • One-click zoom on all objects
  • “Trigger and Drill” on the same object
  • “Search only” and “required” criteria
  • On-screen back and zoom-out icons


SMT Data sees the integration of TARGIT into ITBI as a success story. “We’re taking huge amounts of performance capacity data for our biggest customers — it’s terabytes of data every day — and we’re aggregating that data and filtering it into a data warehouse,” said CTO Steven Thomas. “Then we put TARGIT on top of it so customers very quickly can access and understand the cost drivers and then optimize their business.”

Both SMT Data's customers and consultants have benefited from the added capabilities that come with layering on TARGIT. Customers get to create their own reports while consultants can generate standard reports. Best of all, users can explore their data in greater detail by slicing and dicing along different dimensions to understand anomalies.

Thomas sees the collaboration with TARGIT as more of a partnership than a customer-supplier relationship due to TARGIT’s prominent role in the solution. “The fact that we have a close working relationship and receive support from consultants, the development team, and the management team within TARGIT is very important to us.”

About SMT Data

SMT Data is a privately held software company founded in 1990 whose IT Business Intelligence (ITBI™) solution delivers transparency into the relationship between IT capacity costs and business activities. Their products gather vast amounts of data about the customer’s IT operations and map the data to business activities using analysis and reporting tools on top of a data warehouse. SMT Data’s customer portfolio includes KMD, Danske Bank, Coop, TDC, and DNB, among others.



AT TARGIT, we leverage decades of industry expertise to help our customers turn data into
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Our BI and analytics platform, TARGIT Decision Suite, combines an intuitive, user-friendly
frontend with a robust backend designed for growth. TARGIT integrates with other tools
and pulls data from multiple sources to support your organization’s entire data ecosystem.

Recognized as a Global Leader in Vendor Credibility by Dresner two years in a row, we
pride ourselves on building lasting partnerships that support our customers through
continuous innovation, insightful recommendations, and a people-first business model.


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Originally published October 11, 2021. Updated February 7, 2022