TARGIT in The BI Survey 19

novembro 13, 2019

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BI & Analytics bring big, quantifiable business benefits – both instant and long-lasting. The main benefits fall into three major categories:
  1. Informed Decisions: More accurate reporting, analysis, and planning for better business decisions.
  2. Competitiveness: Improved customer and employee satisfaction to increase competitive advantage.
  3. Data Monetization: Enhanced operational efficiency to increase revenues and reduce costs.
To achieve the most substantial benefits, it’s crucial to select the right tool. In fact, finding the right BI tool is arguably one of the most important steps a company can take. 

For 18 years, The BI Survey has successfully reported a detailed quantitative analysis of why customers buy BI tools, what problems they experience with the tools and their success rates in meeting project objectives. Based on the real-world experiences of thousands of BI users all over the world, The BI Survey paints a crystal-clear picture of the BI landscape for those looking to adopt a new tool. 

The BI Survey is the largest and most thorough fact-based analysis of the BI market currently available, and TARGIT is a consistent high performer. Year after year, the company has received positive customer feedback and boosted its rankings, reflecting its investments and improvements based on customer feedback. Some of the highlights for TARGIT include:

  • Top-ranked company and product when competing directly against known BI vendors.
  • Rising leader positions, expanding from 16 categories in 2018 to 27 in 2019.
  • Outperforming the BI industry average for functionality satisfaction.
“90% of surveyed users would recommend TARGIT”

TARGIT is ranked no. 1 in competitiveness for embedded analytics-focus products and a leader across 27 categories in 5 different peer groups, including dashboard-focused products, ad hoc reporting-focused products, OLAP analysis-focused products, and embedded analytics-focused products. Let’s review The BI Survey 19 TARGIT highlights:

Competitiveness badge - TARGIT - The BI Survey 19

“An excellent solution with a very friendly interface. Ease to manage and create a new analysis.” – Head of BI & Analytics, Retail/Wholesale/Trade, 100-2500 employees

 Dashboard badge TARGIT - The BI Survey 19
“[TARGIT] is an excellent company to deal with. The solution is very easy to use and end-user friendly.” – Project Manager, BI Department, Retail/Wholesale/Trade, 100-2500 employees

 Ad Hoc badge TARGIT - The BI Survey 19
“Great tool for both developers and end-users. TARGIT Decision Suite gives lots of possibilities in creating and distributing reports/dashboards.” – BI Project Manager, IT Department, Process Industry, > 2,500 employees
 OLAP badge TARGIT - The BI Survey 19
“Very, very happy. Great company, great folks, great value.” – CIO/Head of IT, Retail/Wholesale/Trade, 100-2500 employees

Customers rate TARGIT Decision Suite a highly competitive solution, especially when it comes to providing value through its emphasis on certain industry sectors and support of Microsoft operational systems. As a result, it is among the leaders of the ‘OLAP analysis-focused products’ peer group for the ‘Operational BI’ KPI. TARGIT also performs well in the Dashboards, Ad hoc query and Distribution of reports KPIs in this year’s The BI Survey. 

BARC, an independent advisory consulting company for BI & Analytics and the force behind The BI Survey 19, produced the TARGIT Highlights Report that contains this selection of headline findings for TARGIT showing the top KPI results and key findings. Get the full version of this report here.


Michael Holmberg Andersen

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