Customer Story

Garage Louyet

Louyet Group is one of the largest BMW dealerships in Belgium and a market leader in luxury vehicle sales in their region. CFO Julien Leroy explains that as the group rapidly grew from a few locations to over 25 locations and 500 employees, it needed a business intelligence (BI) solution that enabled employees to monitor operations within and between each dealership.

How We Helped

Louyet Group uses CalmCo, TARGIT's specialized solution for automotive dealers in Europe, to generate reports for every department and allows every employee to access the tool. This complete visibility helps team members make informed decisions and measure performance against other locations. 

TARGIT directly integrates with the group’s ERP system and allows users to create custom dashboards and reports so they can monitor the metrics most relevant to their role. Together, all of these capabilities help Louyet Group measure performance in real-time and continually evolve their BI practices as the business grows.
Originally published May 22, 2023. Updated October 4, 2023

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