Morsø heats the future with TARGIT Decision Suite

About the company

Morsø Jernstøberi was founded back in 1853 as a foundry for the production of a variety of products, including pots and pans, stable windows, and tools.

Named for a small island in Jutland called Mors, the company, as it is known today, took a more precise shape when it turned its attention exclusively to the production of wood burners and tiled stoves.

In 1915, Morsø became a household name when the company was appointed purveyor to the Royal Danish Court, and international sales took off.

Their Challenges
  • Morsø’s old ERP system could not deliver the insight decision-makers needed 
  • The sales team lacked access to up-to-date data
  • The company was expanding its business strategy but lacked comprehensive insight into all levels of production.
How we helped
  • Every department has instant access to data in near real-time
  • The sales team can see what’s selling and what’s not and figure out why
  • Data from every department is combined and analyzed cohesively, helping the entire company run like a well-oiled machine. 
I have a long career within finance for different companies and have used different BI tools. But I have to say TARGIT is definitely top of the list. It’s very easy to use, quite flexible, and you have a multitude of things you can use within TARGIT.
- Jens Daugbjerg, Former CFO, Morsø

Instant Access to Data in Near Real Time

Today, Morsø is expanding its business strategy into two new segments: outdoor living and KDL (kitchen, dining, and living). With new challenges to take on, the company needs a comprehensive view of each part of the business now more than ever. That’s why Morsø relies on TARGIT Decision Suite to unify data, track KPIs, and arm decision-makers with the information required to push the strategy further.

“We are using TARGIT in more or less all departments,” says Jens Daugbjerg, former CFO of Morsø Jernstøberi. “Production is quite a big user of it for inventory tracking, for supplier statistics, etc. Sales is using it for a lot of daily sales reports. We’re using it for market analysis and cost follow-up. So it’s used widely within sales and production. And finance, of course, is a very big user of it also.”

In addition to Morsø’s finance responsibilities, which include everything from reporting, budgeting, monthly reporting, and year-end recounts, Daubjerg was also responsible for IT and HR for his branch of the company prior to his retirement. That means he had a hand in all technology systems, including BI, salary, and budgeting systems, as well as human resources tasks and management.

With so many balls in the air, Daugbjerg relied heavily on TARGIT to give him a comprehensive view of company health at the push of a button. With easy access to TARGIT’s up-to-date reports and analyses from every department, Daugbjerg could always make informed decisions in an instant. That level of speed and insight made it a breeze for Daugbjerg to tackle the jobs that traditionally would have gone to multiple people.

“We have quite an old ERP system,” Daubjerg explains. “It’s an AX system. That’s not very useful for reporting. So we use TARGIT to extract data that we can use to do all of our analysis … It’s important that we can make intelligent decisions on a daily basis based on, for instance, sales statistics.”

The Morsø sales team can see what’s selling and what’s not selling. They’re able to keep a steady eye on inventory levels, ensuring popular items are always available for customers and less popular items are not sitting on warehouse shelves for long periods of time.

“We use TARGIT daily to get data so we can make decisions, maybe change something,” says Daubjerg. “Basically, run our business. So it’s quite useful in a lot of ways.”

There are currently 25 TARGIT Decision Suite users at Morsø Jernstøberi. A small group of power users creates daily reports and analyses for everyday business users. TARGIT’s self-service capabilities and general user-friendliness mean that less technical business users can still drill down, change parameters, and get different views and perspectives from their dashboards to answer their questions.


The Future Is Really Heating Up

Morsø has big plans for TARGIT Decision Suite going forward. The company plans to expand the use of TARGIT for the sales team by incorporating TARGIT’s mobile client and arming every sales team member with iPads. With TARGIT Mobility, salespeople can pull up their dashboards and reports at any time, no matter where they are. That means they can pull the most up-to-date data before walking into a customer’s office, while sitting on the runway, or at home over their morning coffee.

Morsø’s production department will also be expanding the use of TARGIT Decision Suite. Morsø recently outsourced part of its warehousing functions to an external contractor. The company plans to use TARGIT to foster better communication with that contractor and ensure that everyone is on the same page and striving for the same goals, with the same updated information.

Now that Morsø’s warehousing partner has access to TARGIT, everyone will be able to track KPIs and monitor inventory levels. TARGIT’s robust data governance ensures that users will only have access to information they are meant to see or authorized to modify based on various permission levels. The company’s goal is to improve service for customers by more closely tracking orders, deliveries, and customer satisfaction. With this information at hand, Morsø can more easily make precise changes that drive improvements.


A True Partnership

Morsø attributes much of its success with TARGIT to TARGIT partner Accobat, which is always on hand to help with training, improvements, or technical challenges. 

“We have a very good cooperation with TARGIT and also with Accobat,” says Daubjerg. “They simply go hand-in-hand. They’ve helped us set up the cubes, the databases, and given our people training in how to use it. Getting us up and running was quite smooth. Now, whenever we need help — maybe something with a report or to do something a different way — it’s quite easy to get ahold of the guys. And they’re very skilled at helping us solve our problems quite fast. They’re good partners, who I can highly recommend using.”

TARGIT’s holistic approach to BI — from world-class analytics capabilities to a focus on training to a partnership that extends throughout the entire life of the solution — is helping every decision-maker at Morsø make better, faster decisions with more insight into operations than ever before.

“Obviously, TARGIT is quite a good tool,” says Daugbjerg. “I have a long career in finance for different companies and have used different BI tools. But I have to say TARGIT is definitely top of the list. It’s very easy to use, quite flexible, and you have a multitude of things you can use within TARGIT.” 

Originally published March 17, 2020. Updated September 26, 2023