Designed to Simplify the Complex

Our business intelligence accelerator (BIA) is built exclusively for users with highly complex IFS data and analytics needs.

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Make your data accessible and turn insights into business impacts

  • Do you have blind spots in your data and analytics processes?

  • Do you find it difficult to compare data across modules and tables?

  • Do you rely on external tools like Excel to manually process your data?

  • Do you spend hours on monthly manual reporting and analysis?

Curit vektor

“The more complex flow our customers have, the harder it is for them to access their data without a BI solution.
TARGIT enables us to provide in-depth data insights and improves visibility.”

Peter E. Bering


Group 15-3

“This solution saved us months of setup time, internal resources, and hours of manual reporting tasks.
It truly delivered business value and positive outcomes from day one.”

André Rosendahl Hansen


Group 11

“TARGIT highlights the ‘big numbers’
that inform our work
and drive decision-making
in multiple departments.”

Jacob Majland


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“TARGIT gives us the power to make data-driven
business decisions autonomously.“

Søren Jacobsen

Manager Business Transformation & IT

    Introducing TARGIT’s

    BI Accelerator for IFS

    TARGIT Decision Suite will give you pre-built, out-of-the-box reporting features and robust dashboards that ensure a successful BI project and increased visibility across:

    • Sales
    • Finance
    • Purchasing
    • Stock
    • Credit
    • Shop Orders
    • Projects
    Novenco Informs Strategic Decision-Making with TARGIT

    Streamlining Reporting and Analysis

    Decades ago, Novenco chose TARGIT due to its ability to quickly and accurately extract insights, so leadership teams could easily analyze critical data points within the decision window.

    Immediate BI. Immediate ROI.

    Unify Data

    Compare figures across departments and currencies or set custom parameters to extract essential metrics from multiple IFS modules and tables plus your other data sources. Get all your data in one place.

    Automate Reporting

    Turn disparate Excel records and hours of manual tasks into a reliable, automated reporting process that delivers digestible insights in minutes.

    Increase Adoption

    Give every user the tools and access they need to review balances, manage inventory, and gain a clear view of your entire business.

    Scale Operations

    Maximize the value of your IFS data with an intuitive, scalable BI solution that’s designed to evolve alongside your organization. We can offer you endless possibilities - just name the insights you need. The sky is the limit!

    Take Complete Control of Your IFS Data with TARGIT