Celebrating Six Months of TARGIT Community

Originally published September 13, 2021. Updated March 20, 2024
Søren Block Olsen
Søren Block Olsen
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In March 2021, we officially launched TARGIT Community, and, oh, what an amazing six months it’s been. We’re still thrilled and overwhelmed by the valuable engagement from customers, partners, and other TARGIT stakeholders. You help save the world one answer at a time! 

TARGIT Community is the long-awaited answer to what TARGIT users and partners everywhere asked for: a place to ask questions, gain inspiration, share knowledge and help each other build the data-driven organizations of the future.  

It’s your place to connect with the TARGIT team and fellow TARGIT users worldwide — from Austria to the Netherlands, Brazil to Chile, the USA, Canada, and points beyond. 


Connect with Users Everywhere 

In a word: connections. We designed the community to provide a single point of entry to interact with the TARGIT team and users everywhere. By giving you a place to make these valuable connections, we aim to promote: 

  • User and partner networking 
  • Active user forum 
  • Easy access to documentation 
  • Rich resources and knowledge base 
  • Convenient search for all relevant topics


“I am truly proud and excited of TARGIT Community."

Ole Dyring, Head of TARGIT University 


Ask Questions, Get Answers

While you asked for TARGIT Community, credit for moving it forward goes to Ole Dyring, Head of TARGIT University, and Niels Thomsen, Solution Architect. As TARGIT veterans with at least a decade behind them, they see it as one of their proudest accomplishments. 

“Even in the first couple of weeks, we were seeing the community booming with activity – TARGIT users getting answers to their questions from other TARGIT users,” said Dyring. “I am convinced that we will see activity grow as more and more people become aware of this offering.” 


Make Friends, Maximize Your Investment 

Dyring and Thomsen encourage all TARGIT users and partners to become active participants in the TARGIT Community and view it as a new way to make friends and maximize your investment in TARGIT Decision Suite. As Dyring put it, “the more you engage with it, the better it becomes for everyone.” 

To get started, simply create an account. Once you activate your account, you can post and comment in the forum and take advantage of the many resources at your disposal. Want a quick nickel tour? Watch our 3-minute introductory video here. 

Visit TARGIT Community here.

Originally published September 13, 2021. Updated March 20, 2024

Søren Block Olsen
Written by

Søren Block Olsen

Director of Marketing & Sales Operations