Inside TARGIT Careers: Alex’s Journey From Student Employee to Head of Revenue Operations

Originally published August 16, 2022. Updated July 14, 2023

At TARGIT, we’re committed to developing impactful, intuitive solutions for our clients across the globe. Behind this commitment is a team of dedicated experts with experience in business intelligence, data analysis, key verticals, and more.

Our employees are the heart of our organization. We wouldn’t be where we are today without their determination, skill sets, and drive to bring new ideas to our solutions and customers.

One such employee is Alexander Petersen. Once a curious graduate student and research analyst, Alex has evolved his role and his employee brand within TARGIT, bringing new insights and business developments to fruition along the way.

This post will recount Alex’s professional journey in TARGIT from student employee to department head.

Joining TARGIT as a Student Research Analyst

Originally from Denmark, Alex was an exchange student living in New York City when he first heard about TARGIT in 2017. He didn’t know much about the organization. Still, as a cultural studies student, he was excited at the prospect of working for an international software company, so he applied for a brand new role: Market Research Analyst.

Alex became a part-time employee at the beginning of 2018, splitting his time between his Master’s thesis and research at TARGIT for about six months. After graduation, he began working at TARGIT full time.

Making an Impact Across Departments

Next, Alex made the leap from marketing to sales. He became TARGIT’s internal Sales Operations Manager after working closely with the department’s director during his time as an Analyst. Alex says that part of the reason he stayed with TARGIT was due to the organization’s unique flexibility compared to larger organizations that often rely on bureaucratic structures and rigid career pathing.


“At TARGIT, the path to making an impact is not as long as it is in enterprise organizations.” He explains, “it doesn’t take years to climb the corporate ladder so you can get in touch with decision-makers who value your ideas and opinions.”

Due to TARGIT’s lateral structure — and Alex’s professional skills— he’s become a familiar face within the organization. Leadership teams and colleagues recognize his passion, work ethic, and innovative ideas. Employees are encouraged to have transparent conversations with their managers and champion new ideas, no matter their title or tenure.

As Alex puts it, “If I went to a manager and spoke up about a problem, or told them that something about my current role wasn’t fruitful for me, they would acknowledge and address it right away.”

TARGIT allows Alex and other employees to pursue professional development opportunities they’re genuinely interested in and do work they enjoy each day. The company also creates opportunities for employees to network and attend industry events, not just to drive sales but to help its employees develop their professional brands and grow their networks.

Bringing the Career Journey Full Circle

Alex’s next venture will make an extensive impact on how TARGIT evolves in the coming years. He was recently promoted to TARGIT’s Head of Revenue Operations, a first for the company that, up until now, hasn’t had a dedicated Revenue Operations department.

In this new role, Alex will manage the company’s commercial data, reporting, systems, and processes to ensure high data quality. His department will promote data-driven collaboration, pave the way for advanced automation, increase internal transparency, and improve sales and revenue KPI reporting.

He’ll also have the unique opportunity to develop a new department from the ground up, starting with several new student employees.

Alex explains the importance of this ‘full circle’ moment for himself and his new teammates. “This journey is equal parts exciting and intimidating. It gives me a new sense of purpose and accomplishment that I’m now able to help people start their careers and make their own impact at TARGIT.”


TARGIT’s new Head of Revenue Operations hopes this milestone will help the organization expand internal data strategies and promote continuous improvement and innovation. No matter where the role takes him, Alex continues to credit his professional journey to TARGIT’s agile company culture: “At a large enterprise, the road is paved for you before you arrive. At TARGIT, there are many directions to take when it comes to career development.”

Make an Impact on the TARGIT Team

Alex is just one of many employees making an impact on TARGIT and our customers every single day. If you’d like to join our team or learn more about the values that drive us, visit the TARGIT Careers page.

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Originally published August 16, 2022. Updated July 14, 2023