TARGIT in the BI & Analytics Survey 21

Originally published December 8, 2020. Updated August 18, 2022
Søren Block Olsen
Søren Block Olsen
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The BI & Analytics Survey 21 results underline TARGIT’s strength as a reliable enterprise BI and Analytics platform ranking TARGIT Decision Suite as a leader across 21 categories in five different peer groups.

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Customer Satisfaction


The annual survey is an opportunity for our customers to rate their experience with us and compare our performance against the top BI players in the market. This year, our customers gave us a 96% satisfaction rating, the company’s highest score ever.

Customers are especially satisfied with the product’s support for the distribution of reports and dashboard creation. Customers also report having a good sales experience and relationship with us as an above-average reason for choosing to buy our software.


Business Benefits


From the business perspective, the survey also considers how impactful the solution has been in the customers’ businesses. We're happy to report that TARGIT ranks among the leaders in this KPI. “Respondents reported achieving the following benefits in particular: more accurate and faster reporting, analysis and planning, improved data quality, and better business decisions,” the BI & Analytics Survey 21 reports. “It’s simple, and very easy to maintain and make secure – you have full control of your data, reports, and access in a non-technical tool,” was one customer’s summation of TARGIT Decision Suite.


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“In a world where we are all obsessed with the latest technological trend, we sometimes lose sight of what's important for people out in the real world,” says Jakob H. Kraglund, TARGIT CEO. “Over the last couple of years, TARGIT has changed the way we work with customers, shifting our focus to helping them use BI to make a measurable business impact.”

Ease of use is another frequently cited reason why customers chose to buy TARGIT Decision Suite. We know our customers are looking for a solution to help end-users navigate data in an intuitive and interactive way. "92% of business users use the product in this way, which is above the overall survey average of 86%," the survey says.


Data Connections


Historically, we're well known among customers of Microsoft’s operational systems, and we deeply integrate with Dynamics NAV, Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM, and SharePoint. And we're happy to know that another frequent reason for choosing to buy TARGIT Decision Suite is our predefined data connections. We offer industry applications for the manufacturing, retail, heavy equipment, and wine-producing sectors. And we continue to develop industry accelerators that will enable companies in specific industries to significantly reduce time-to-value because we continue to see how customers have benefited from the predefined connectors.

Especially in the past few years, we have been working hard on the modernization of TARGIT Decision Suite - from the web client and mobile clients to the dashboard and report creation environment. Therefore, it is not surprising to see customers adopting the software for trending usage scenarios.

“The percentage of employees using TARGIT Decision Suite is close to 50% above the average of all products," the BARC survey reports. In fact, employee user adoption increased nine percentage points over the past year, from 16% in 2019 to 25% in 2020.


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“At TARGIT, we’re driven by one unified vision – to help businesses realize the full value of their data,” says Kraglund. “The results of this year's survey show us we’re on the right path to deliver on that vision. Our investment in technology that enables organizations to distribute ‘insights’ more broadly across the organization is starting to pay off.”

The BI & Analytics Survey 21 presents the findings from the world‘s largest and most comprehensive survey of BI end-users. It examines user feedback on BI product selection and usage across 36 KPIs. In 2020, over 2,000 people responded to the survey, answering a series of detailed questions about their BI product of choice and analyzing 33 products. To access the full version of the BI & Analytics Survey 21 from BARC, click here

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Originally published December 8, 2020. Updated August 18, 2022

Søren Block Olsen
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Søren Block Olsen

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