Business Intelligence for Manufacturing

The list of information a manufacturing business needs to keep track of goes on for miles: from suppliers to customers and production facilities to employees. Everything generates an ongoing stream of data, and it’s within this data you find the key to unlocking the potential of your company.
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Tackle global challenges

Even the smallest organizations face competition on a global scale. It’s necessary to think three steps ahead if you want to stay relevant.

Creating an agile organization that can adapt as fast as changes occur in the global marketplace is key to survival. Business Intelligence software for manufacturing helps you to gain insight so you can react as soon as changes occur.

Must have Business Intelligence for Manufacturing companies

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Ever hear the saying “Innovate or die?” Today it’s truer than ever. You need to free your key employees from performing trivial tasks and let them innovate your business processes and products. Let the computer take care of monitoring and reporting. That’s our solution.

Instant insight

Reaction time is key when there’s a problem in your production. Business agility means strong visualization of your data combined with instant notifications when data changes in a way you don't like.

See Business Intelligence for manufacturing solutions tailored for your role and needs

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Quality matters

Quality is key to every organization, from the quality of the employees to the services or products to the reputation of the company.

Data quality is just as important. In our experience in working with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX users (and related MRP systems), one of the most common problems we see is that users have been basing critical business decisions on bad data – without even knowing it. A Business Intelligence solution gets you back on track. Make decisions based on data you trust.

Manufacture intelligently

With the right Business Intelligence tool, you can take full advantage of your hard work and follow how your scrap rates and return rates change over time.

With the patented TARGIT Sentinel technology, you can even set up proactive warnings for when KPIs threaten to drift outside of predefined “safe” ranges. 

Read about five quality KPIs you should know, and how to measure them.

Visual management – bring your dashboards to everyone


Whiteboards and post-it notes are still some of the most widespread visual management systems for many companies. That's not manufacturing with Business Intelligence. The problem is they’re:

  • Time-consuming to update
  • Static and do not show the latest information
  • A leftover from an analog time
A quality Business Intelligence system should have an easy way of displaying your KPIs to the people that are busy on the production floor.

Supply chain management made easy


Benchmarking for everyone
With TARGIT you empower everyone to compare the performance of vendors, products, and all other relative data by simple drag and drop technology.

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Cut Inventory
Easily follow inventory turn rates and identify items that aren’t moving. Find the right order size and frequency to ensure your service degree.

Monitor delivery
Get notified when a vendor doesn’t meet their delivery rate, and check if it’s a reoccurring problem. Then take action.
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Cut non-value-adding activities
Use the data you’ve collected for years and find where you have non-value-adding activities. Change the process, and monitor the results.

Secure cash flow
Set the right payment terms by your debtor history and monitor the ones that disrupt your sleep.

Improve service
Improve the service of your entire channel by sharing information both up and downstream through reports or a portal. It’s your choice.
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We chose TARGIT because it’s user-friendly and because we have a vendor who we can turn to whenever we need help.

Asger R. Poulsen, IT Manager at Aktieselskabet CARL CHRISTENSEN

Untangle yourself from a list of different systems

The problem

Your company is using Microsoft Dynamics NAV or AX as your chief ERP solution, as well as one or several additional ERP systems. As a result, you’ve got data distributed throughout multiple systems and it’s a challenge for anyone in the organization to get an accurate picture of the business’ performance.

The solution

Collect all of your data in a data warehouse and give the analysts in your organization access to create and share reports, dashboards, and analyses to get an eye on exactly what they need to know.