Cabral & Sousa increases revenue by using TARGIT BI solution in six departments

About the company

Cabral & Sousa is one of the largest distribution networks in the State of Bahia, Brazil. The company has been operating since 1976 and has been steadily growing and gaining renown on a national level. 

With over 40 years of experience, Cabral & Sousa is a reputable company that aims to keep growing while maintaining the same efficiency and quality since its foundation.

Their Challenges
  • Different types of information were being sent across a large commercial team of over 300 people
  • Each employee was using a different type of report building, adding complexity to an already inefficient process
  • Because of the time-consuming process of report building, the company’s numbers only reflected the past.
How we helped
  • Reports from several areas are now created with just a few clicks, resulting in time savings without development and with high utilization rates
  • Due to the speed and veracity of the analyses, employees now have time to attend strategic meetings and reviews — time previously dedicated to data collection
  • Now, Cabral & Sousa employees have access to updated data anytime, anywhere, from any android or iOS mobile device.
We increased our net revenue by 28% and managed to reduce our formatting time of analyses and reporting by 99% with the help of TARGIT BI.
- Hudson Filipe Moreira Silva, Former Business Intelligence Developer, Cabral & Sousa

Access to Data Anytime, Anywhere


Cabral & Sousa has been operating in the distribution sector since 1976, when the owners noticed the lack of service in Conquista, State of Bahia. Due to the distance from big cities, the cost of transportation was significantly higher.

TARGIT for the Distribution Segment

To stay agile and competitive in the distribution business amid an increasing number of global competitors, you need to have a complete overview of your business. You also need to balance customer demands with operating costs in an industry where tight margins and inventory overload are part of everyday life.

“With the tool, we were able to automate our reports while creating set processes, and we were able to significantly reduce the time we spent on information formatting,” says Hudson Filipe Moreira Silva, Former Business Intelligence Developer at Cabral & Sousa. “Now we share information with all departments, and everyone has more time available to think about strategies according to the numbers analysis.” 
Before implementing TARGIT, the company had already used many business intelligence (BI) solutions. But they choose TARGIT for its advanced features, expert support, and seamless integration with several databases. “We were able to significantly evolve our analysis methodology by implementing the single language method in all hierarchies. Each hierarchy receives its information, but with the same language to all of them,” added Hudson Filipe.

TARGIT is used across multiple departments at Cabral & Sousa, including Administration, Finance, Logistics, and Purchasing. The implementation in the Human Resources department is already in an evaluation process. When asked about where TARGIT is used the most, Hudson Filipe points to the commercial department, which uses various types of reports, analyses, dashboards, and notifications to guide their next steps. He also says they have created about 300 types of analyses within TARGIT.

The Future of Cabral & Sousa

Their plan for the coming years is to work together with all our departments and systems by centralizing information on a single platform and applying the single language methodology in 100% of the departments. Cabral & Sousa has 145 suppliers and about 350 employees who receive information provided by daily reports generated by TARGIT. Because they now know how to act with more accuracy, decision-making comes easier and faster. And as a result, Cabral & Sousa promotes an environment for knowledge sharing, an unbeatable advantage.

Originally published March 17, 2020. Updated February 26, 2024