Overall Equipment Efficiency

Boosting OEE directly impacts profits - here is how you can improve both.

Understand the Challenges of OEE.

  • Breakdown losses
  • Setup and adjustment losses
  • Start-up losses (low-yield phase)
  • Idling and minor stoppages
  • Reduced speed losses
  • Process inefficiency losses
  • Quality defects

Five Steps to Increase Your OEE

Put a stop to low OEE and start increasing profits quickly.

Get Real-Time OEE Data.

Know your current performance. Logging and collecting real-time machine data, will give you a good picture of what’s going on with your machines right now.

Identify, Prioritize, and Address the Root Causes.

Use the data to take timely action. Distribute relevant and user-friendly analyses and overviews, enabling you to take meaningful action fast. Use analytics to identify the key root causes and initiate permanent improvements in your OEE.

Perform Preventive and Predictive Maintenance.

Plan maintenance in advance and move from reactive to proactive maintenance. It’s far better to maintain the equipment before it fails, slows down or produces non-conforming products. Save unplanned expenses and boost your OEE.

Correct Quality Deviations Immediately.

Whenever possible, measure the process output to take advantage of real-time information. Prompt corrective actions ensure cost savings, increase the OEE and produce happy customers.

Boost Production Speed.

Monitoring your entire production line lets you balance the line better and avoid bottlenecks. Your production will run faster and more smoothly, your output will increase and your costs will decrease.

Lightning-Fast Reaction Time.

Optimize the manufacturing business cycle to quickly adapt to constant changes in your production line and in the global marketplace is key to your survival. Gain insight with TARGIT Decision Suite to react as soon as changes occur.

Visual Tracking of Your Data.

  • Overview of daily production
  • Overview of root causes
  • Output and OEE development
  • Tracking of development in Mean Time Between Failure
  • Tracking of development in Mean Time to Repair

Ensuring a Low TCO.

Our low TCO and ease of use are the icing on the cake. Start to democratize insights to all business users.

Improve Your OEE and See the Results.

  • Improving OEE by 10% typically increases profits by 25%
  • Improving OEE by 25% typically increases profits by over 200%

Track Your KPI’s with TARGIT and Leverage on the Insights of Your Data.