The TARGIT Data Stack: An Overview of Our Analytics Platform

Originally published May 11, 2023. Updated May 11, 2023
Søren Block Olsen
Søren Block Olsen
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To extract value from data, your organization needs a modern analytics platform that consolidates, analyzes, and generates actionable insights from that data. Perhaps most importantly, this platform should accelerate reporting and analysis so that you can access the latest insights daily rather than waiting weeks to see how your business is performing.  

TARGIT’s all-in-one business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform helps organizations realize the full value of their data by turning complex information into timely reports and engaging visualizations that can be shared across departments in just a few clicks.  

What’s more, TARGIT’s solution is highly accessible and easy to use, even for non-technical business users. It’s scalable and seamlessly integrates with other business tools, allowing organizations to consolidate and analyze their data faster than ever before.  

In this blog, we’ll share an overview of the TARGIT Decision Suite platform, including the tools and features that streamline reporting and improve data accessibility at every stage of the analysis process.  



Organizations produce large amounts of data, but don’t know how to identify the most valuable information based on their operations, industry, and unique goals. They often need help prioritizing data sources and funneling data into their BI platform of choice. 

TARGIT offers customized workshops to help organizations prioritize their most critical data sources, including existing databases, web services, operations platforms, Excel sheets and other exports, and any other business system.  

  • Existing Databases - Data from any management system based on a database.
  • External Data - Data from Excel spreadsheets, CSVs, or any other manual.
  • Web Services – Data from customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and all other web-based data sources with REST APIs.



Data is typically spread between several disparate sources, creating a fragmented view of performance and making accurate reporting and analysis nearly impossible.  

TARGIT’s modern analytics platform seamlessly integrates with all data sources through APIs, custom solutions, and pre-built accelerators for industry-specific tools. We also provide pre-defined ETL scripts and business logic inside our InMemory database. 

  • Data Integrations – TARGIT's BI accelerators and integrations create direct connections between your data sources and our all-in-one BI solution 
  • Data Storage – Our team configures and loads a comprehensive data warehouse that serves as a centralized repository for current and historical data from multiple systems. 
  • Data Transformation – We use SQL language to convert all your data into a uniform format and prepare it for analysis inside of TARGIT Decision Suite. 



Complex analytics functions and formulas limit reporting tasks to a small team of technical experts. Even with the most skilled data analysts, manual calculations are time-consuming and lead to significant delays between data collection and report generation. 

TARGIT’s intuitive tools make reporting and analysis accessible for everyone, from experienced analysts to business users. Reports update in hours, not days or weeks, and users can use interactive dashboards to drill down into multiple data points in a single view.  

  • Analytics – Conduct in-depth analyses to understand historical data, monitor daily operations, and improve forecasting.   
  • Reporting – Generate in-depth reports in just a few clicks or pre-schedule automated reports to run on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis.
  • Dashboards – Use interactive dashboards to drill down into multiple data points, then share the results via email, PowerPoint, or embedded web link.  


Excel sheets and other static, hard-to-read reports limit visibility across the organization and make it difficult to share insights quickly and effectively.  

Not only are these reports difficult to create, but they also inhibit data sharing and open the door for discrepancies between multiple static files stored on individual computers.  

TARGIT gives organizations multiple ways to analyze and share data. Automated reports and dashboards communicate the latest insights quickly and in an engaging way, increasing visibility and integrating BI into teams’ daily workflows.  

  • Data Visualization – Leverage charts, graphs, maps, and other visualizations to present data in clear, engaging formats and highlight the most important results. 
  • Batch Scheduled Reports – Schedule multiple reports and automated email notifications to share insights with relevant stakeholders.  
  • Embedded BI – Use embedded links to present data from TARGIT on TV screens or inside the systems teams use daily, like CRM platforms, websites, and other management tools.  
  • Mobile/Web/Desktop – Allow users to access TARGIT anytime, anywhere, on any device using our mobile, web, or desktop client.  



Many organizations still make “gut-based” decisions rather than data-driven ones, relying on individual opinions and past experiences to inform their next steps. What’s more, they likely don't measure the business impact of their current BI and analytics efforts.  

Together, these actions make it difficult to realize a positive ROI on BI and analytics or identify where BI can be better used to support or inform ongoing strategic initiatives.  

TARGIT puts actionable insights in the hands of decision-makers, department heads, and frontline employees alike. Plus, organizations can monitor usage across departments with TARGIT Insights to see who’s using BI and where to expand adoption.  

  • Alerts – Get notified via email or directly inside TARGIT when metrics deviate from their standard range and follow-up actions need to be taken.  
  • Informed Decision-Making – Promote a data-driven company culture in which employees use insights from data analyses to inform decisions and shape business initiatives.  
  • TARGIT Insights – Understand usage patterns and identify opportunities to improve BI adoption across the organization.


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Originally published April 7, 2023. Updated May 11, 2023