The BI & Analytics Survey 22: TARGIT Sweeps with Leading Positions in Operational BI and Business Benefits

Originally published December 2, 2021. Updated May 28, 2024

Aalborg, Denmark – BARC (Business Application Research Center) officially released its BI & Analytics Survey 22, ranking TARGIT as a leader in peer groups like Embedded Analytics and categories like Operational BI and Business Benefits.

In addition, the survey gives TARGIT a 95% satisfaction rating and a 93% recommendation rating, marking the fourth consecutive year TARGIT has received recommendation ratings over 91%.

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This year’s survey once again underscores TARGIT’s position as a BI industry leader. The company’s flagship product, TARGIT Decision Suite, received high marks for Business Benefits, Business Value, Advanced Analytics, Mobile BI, and Operational BI in all peer groups surveyed.

The product garnered the highest leadership ranking in the category of Embedded Analytics Focused Products, with top scores in 17 mission-critical areas.


The 2022 survey highlights customer feedback on TARGIT Decision Suite’s ease of use and implementation, robust reporting engine, user-friendly dashboards, overall speed, functionality, and integration capabilities, among other features and benefits.




“The feedback validates that TARGIT Decision Suite supports customers in achieving real business results through fast and easy-to-use insights,” says Jakob H. Kraglund, TARGIT CEO. “This exemplifies that TARGIT is a powerful solution for the broad groups of business users and one which evolves over time in line with our customer’s growth and development needs.”

Of the 57 BI and analytics end users surveyed, 93% said they would recommend TARGIT. Users also cited TARGIT’s vendor support, with 93% rating the BI leader as excellent or good versus 65% for the average BI tool.

“At TARGIT, we keep our customer relationships at the center of everything we do. We’re not just technologists focused on software. We’re empowering people with people,” says Kraglund. “The results of this year’s survey and those since 2018 confirm how much customers appreciate that they can just pick up the phone and talk to a real person.”

The BARC BI & Analytics Survey 22 presents findings from the world‘s largest and most comprehensive survey of BI end-users. The 2022 survey examined user feedback on 30 products in the BI selection set and usage across 36 KPIs.

Access TARGIT's highlights in the BI & Analytics Survey 22 here.


About BARC

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AT TARGIT, we leverage decades of industry expertise to help our customers turn data into real business impacts. We give business users the tools they need to extract actionable insights that inform decisions, increase productivity, and improve profitability. Our BI and analytics platform, TARGIT Decision Suite, combines an intuitive, user-friendly frontend with a robust backend designed for growth. TARGIT integrates with other tools and pulls data from multiple sources to support your organization’s entire data ecosystem. Recognized as a Global Leader in Vendor Credibility by Dresner two years in a row, we pride ourselves on building lasting partnerships that support our customers through continuous innovation, insightful recommendations, and a people-first business model.

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Originally published October 26, 2021. Updated May 28, 2024