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Industry-leading dealerships use CalmCo's all-in-one solution to realise the full value of their data.

CalmCo delivers a platform your dealership can implement in weeks, not months.


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Our scalable business intelligence (BI) + analytics solution boosts reporting capabilities
and unlocks new data insights by turning in-depth analyses into actionable results.

We supply solutions to more than 250 dealers sites,
and more than 40% of the new cars sold in Belgium, are reported to our customers in our solutions. 


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Didi Motors

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The Jean-Michel Martin Group

The Jean-Michel Martin Group was searching for a way to clearly identify the reasons for the decline in the gross profit margin. Now they know thanks to CalmCo's solution.

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Garage Louyet

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Access to more data means access to more answers. Connect, import, and integrate disparate data sources into a single, easy-to-use BI platform. Utilize our InMemory database or layer our solution on top of your existing analytics setup.

Study every facet of your dealership operations performance with interactive dashboards and analysis tools. Drill down into detailed insights to monitor changes, track trends, or spot outliers, then present clear results with visualisation tools and auto-generated reports.

With complete data visibility, your teams can turn detailed insights into digestible readouts that inform decisions and streamline internal processes. Our platform gives you the confidence to make internal improvements that drive measurable results.



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