Selecting Fleet Management Analytics Software For Your Truck & Trailer Dealership

Originally published June 1, 2023. Updated February 21, 2024

Truck and trailer dealers who simultaneously manage multiple departments need to make informed decisions through the data they collect. Fleet management analytics provides actionable and accessible data that dealers can use to improve efficiency and visibility into their operations.  

In this blog, we will explore the value of fleet management analytics and the importance of having actionable data at your fingertips. You will also learn what you should look for in an analytics solution and how having a strong solution can benefit your business as a whole.  

So buckle up, and let’s dive in.  


What is Fleet Management Analytics?  

Your fleet manager oversees most, if not all, of your fleet operations. They are responsible for a wide range of crucial areas, including the vehicles within your fleet, optimizations, assets, safety, data, and more. So how do fleet management analytics fit in, and what is it? 

Fleet management analytics data can help you track every measurable metric within your fleet. These insights are vital to ensuring your fleet is running efficiently and in line with industry standards and trends.  

By understanding the data you collect, you can improve your fleet operations and ensure your business stays sharp against your competitors. This collected data can inform Business Intelligence (BI) and plays a strong role in really understanding and analyzing your daily fleet operations to be able to constantly improve.  

There’s huge value in having a BI solution that automates and streamlines your processes to improve business operations. And in today’s competitive space, it’s not something your business can afford to go without. Having a BI solution that provides actionable and accessible data will help inform the decisions you make and should be able to scale alongside your business. Choosing the right tool is fundamental to ensuring your specific business needs and goals are met. 


How to Find the Right BI and Analytics Solution For Your Truck & Trailer Dealership 

When you’re selecting a BI and Analytics solution for your truck and trailer dealership, you need to find one that covers all your specific needs. There are many solutions out there that only handle some, but not all, and choosing one of these can end up costing you in the long run.  


As you look at solutions, there are a few top features you want to have in your wheelhouse.  


BI Analytics, Reporting, Dashboards, and Visualization  

Data is crucial to the success and improvement of your dealership. Without being able to see this data clearly, as well as understand it, you’re left in the dark. You want to consider what your unique use cases are, your most valuable key performance indicators (KPIs), and what kinds of data dashboards you want and need to see. Reports should be customizable, pre-configured, and should be able to filter down to a departmental level.  


Flexibility, Customization, and Scalability 

Your dealership’s needs will evolve as your business scales and grows. Your BI analytics tools should be able to adjust alongside these changing needs. Customizations, multi-source data integrations, and adjusting reports are all areas that need to be built to grow. Being able to adjust reports to gauge health and progress, customize your BI analytics tools and add new integrations are crucial for your organization's productivity and growth.  


User Experience (for those that aren’t tech savvy) 

You won’t extract much value from your BI solution if employees aren’t leveraging it on a routine basis. While most tools rely on their users to have a high level of technical expertise, it's best to have one that is user-friendly and promotes adoption and usage. This helps team members onboard and understand operations much faster than the alternative.  

Here are some key elements your tool should be able to provide:  

  • Easy Implementation and Adoption 
  • Drag-and-drop dashboards 
  • Automated reporting features 
  • Intuitive data visualization tools 
  • User- and role-based access controls

Employees should not fear the BI platform they use, but embrace it. Quicker understanding leads to quicker adoption and will benefit their overall work and what your truck and trailer dealership will get out of its analytics tools.  



Advance Your BI and Analytics Journey With TARGIT

Your dealership needs a BI solution that not only checks all the boxes on your current shopping list, but also those that will appear in the future.  

When considering a future BI platform, make sure your solution provider can provide answers to these questions: 

  • What does implementation look like and will you be supported throughout it? 
  • Is the solution customizable, scalable, and flexible? 
  • Does the solution have a high adoption rate and what level of technical expertise do you need to be able to operate? 
  • Is the solution robust enough to provide you with detailed visibility into reporting, analytics, and dashboards? 
  • What is their record for success and are they willing to adjust to meet your specific needs? 

Your solution should be a representation of your business standards and should be a mutual investment for your future. It should align with your BI roadmap and help inform future strategy and best practices.  

Your partner should provide you with expert-level support and guidance that supports your BI journey. Your intelligence platform must also be built to scale alongside you and should continue to invest and update to improve functionality and productivity to always meet your needs.  


TARGIT’s BI and analytics solution, TARGIT Decision Suite, enables your team with an easy-to-use platform that gives detailed data insights and recommendations for continued improvement. With a solution that is customizable, scalable, and flexible to your specific needs, you can trust that your business in great hands — and always will be.  

With a partner like TARGIT, you can rest assured that your fleet management analytics software will have all the features your truck and trailer dealership needs for visibility into its operations.  


Want a deeper dive into TARGIT’s analytics for truck and trailer dealerships? Our guide will teach you the top KPIs your dealership should have to inform better decision-making. Read the guide today. 

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Originally published June 1, 2023. Updated February 21, 2024