Why the Search for the Right BI Solution is Always a Strategic Decision

Originally published January 19, 2022. Updated April 18, 2024

This is a guest post by TARGIT partner, b-imtec - Thomas Veit and Thomas Körting. With the gathered experience of more than 250 successfully implemented projects – focusing on Microsoft Dynamics (D365) - they know that a successful business intelligence (BI) solution needs a stable and high-performing foundation.


After a challenging 2021, an overwhelming atmosphere of optimism surrounds BI and ERP in 2022. For many companies, the pandemic and other crises served as important reminders that BI is an essential pillar in digital transformation and the change process – and that now is the time to evaluate potential BI solutions.

But the large number of systems in the D-A-CH market and elsewhere — and the marketing hype around them — often causes confusion and frustration. And that runs counter to what BI solutions should be: simple and understandable.

But now comes the BUT, which is often forgotten: It’s just a rather "simple" solution, in which many important evaluations that make sense from a business point of view (e.g., orders on hand, incoming orders, logistics key figures) must first be built from scratch. And from our point of view, many solutions lack the functions necessary to work and analyze strategically and future-proof efficiently.



At b-imtec, we’ve relied on TARGIT’s BI and analytics solution for years for precisely that reason. TARGIT gives us the tools we need to work strategically with an eye to the future.


We’ve used TARGIT as our BI solution since 2003 because we know from real-world experience that TARGIT offers a sustainable strategic advantage over competitive products. 


TARGIT is packed with useful, well-considered features and options. What's more, you have a competent and experienced partner at your side with whom you can develop your own TARGIT added value.

TARGIT illustration


TARGIT in BARC's The BI & Analytics Survey 22

The latest BARC BI Survey proves TARGIT’s value once again as it continues to deliver impressive results. From our point of view, two questions cover the most important topics:

“Were the goals achieved?”
“How satisfied is the customer with the product and the implementation partner?”

TARGIT scores above average in the survey. What’s more, in the “Business Benefits” category (i.e., benefits for the customer's daily operations), a category with an average score of 6.2, TARGIT ranks #1 with 9 out of 10 points for products relevant to the German-speaking region.

In the area of “Customer Satisfaction,” TARGIT also ranks first place for products relevant to German-speaking countries and is very clearly ahead of Microsoft Power BI.


TARGIT = Simple BI

Why do we rely on TARGIT and what are the main differences to Power BI? At b-imtec, we know both systems well and briefly summarize four of the most important advantages of TARGIT below.


#1 Easy Onboarding

With TARGIT, it’s easy to set up data and analyze it in a way that lets users embark on their own “data journeys” without a lot of training. Why? Because TARGIT lets you set up information portals. An information portal gives users quick and easy access to the portion of company-wide reporting relevant to them. Not individually composed evaluations, but intelligently interlinked analyses that lead from the big to the small.


#2 Dynamic Periods

With TARGIT, you have the option of establishing “dynamic periods.” Pre-configured and with little effort to adapt, periodic comparisons in TARGIT happen at the push of a button. How did sales develop in a time period versus another (LYTD vs. YTD, LW vs. CW, etc.)? Current figures suddenly become comparable values ​​and developments are immediately visible and accessible. It's that easy!


#3 Task Automation

TARGIT lets you easily automate many tasks from sending regular reports and analyses to monitoring individual values ​​or results. After an initial one-time setup, reports generate themselves and automatically get distributed to a select group of recipients. Prefer to store reports in a file system or on SharePoint? No problem. Oh, and if a value that you automatically monitor deviates, TARGIT will notify you and deliver the appropriate analyses.


#4 Easy Administration

For centralized role and rights management, especially for external users, TARGIT offers considerable advantages in administration. You can assign authorizations dynamically and in detail down to the object (dimensions and values) and content level (client XY, cost center 4711, etc.), so each user sees only what they should see. Connecting to your company's Active Directory takes just a few clicks, and it’s a breeze to integrate single-sign-on (SSO). TARGIT also offers the option to use Open ID providers (e.g., LinkedIn, XING, Google or Microsoft Azure) to ensure access to all company-relevant systems, including your own (TARGIT) BI system.


That's Why TARGIT

Let's circle back to the initial question: What important strategic advantages come with the decision to use TARGIT as your BI solution? 

TARGIT provides many extensive and future-proof functions right out of the box. It’s also easy to use. With minimal training, your internal team can tap into the “TARGIT Toolbox” to convert their own data into meaningful, decision-relevant analyses.

We could say more, but we’d rather have our customers and TARGIT speak for themselves. In the meantime, we invite you to read our reference reports you’ll find at https://www.b-imtec.de/referenzen under “Customer Project in Detail.”

The Life of a BI Implementation Over Time

Originally published January 19, 2022. Updated April 18, 2024