TARGIT presents new pricing model

TARGIT moves from perpetual license to subscription pricing model to improve enterprise BI offerings.
Aalborg, Denmark – TARGIT today announced a new pricing model designed to improve the company’s enterprise BI offerings. The new pricing model for TARGIT Decision Suite makes it easier for organizations to utilize robust data governance, usage logging, and powerful reporting features across the entire enterprise, no matter which subscription package they choose. Already lauded as the single business solution for enterprise-wide analytics, this move emphasizes TARGIT’s singular administration, low learning curve, and secure data governance capabilities that produce one version of the truth for every user throughout the company.

“This is enterprise BI and analytics for the next generation,” says Leif Vestergaard, TARGIT CEO. “We’re shifting our traditional pricing model to a subscription-based model, because that makes it easier for organizations to utilize the full extent of TARGIT’s power across the entire enterprise”. 


All four subscription levels include TARGIT’s powerful reporting, robust data governance, and insightful usage logging, so that every company, no matter the size, can experience the value of true enterprise features.


“TARGIT was already designed to be the only tool needed for every level of technical expertise in every department,” Vestergaard adds. “We’ve just made it simpler and more transparent to put analytics in the hands of every user. A single, business-owned platform means lower implementation costs, lower maintenance costs, and lower upgrade costs. This isn’t just user-friendly dashboards, ad-hoc reporting capabilities, and paginated reports. This is better access to actionable insight and a lower cost per user all around.”

TARGIT’s new subscription packs meet the analytics needs of companies of every size. Moreover, the new pricing model speeds the time to return on investment, lowers the cost per user, and decreases the total cost of ownership.

Companies can choose the right fit for them on a sliding scale that starts with one designer client and 50 consumer clients for the small business all the way up to 10 designer clients and hundreds of consumer clients for the large enterprise. Depending on the company’s needs, features and even more clients can be added along the way.

TARGIT Decision Suite is the only end-to-end business intelligence platform that offers visual data discovery tools, self-service business analytics, reporting, and stunning dashboards in a single, integrated solution. TARGIT combines the control of a centralized BI solution with the flexibility of a decentralized solution with robust security and dependability. The enterprise-wide platform has a vast range of deployment options that bring BI to everyone in the organization. TARGIT Decision Suite’s self-service capabilities enable business users to create their own reports and analyses, eliminating IT bottlenecks.

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TARGIT provides BI and Analytics software for everyone, and we are the software company behind TARGIT Decision Suite.

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Originally published September 3, 2018. Updated March 24, 2020