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Originally published March 16, 2020. Updated April 3, 2020
Adam Thomas
Adam Thomas
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TARGIT has been a great partner from the start. I think the number one benefit is that clients love it. It sells itself … and it makes us look good.


-  Gene Feichtner, CPA at enVista 


Finding a BI partner that fits your business needs in this competitive industry is hard to do. Luckily, enVista, a leading supply chain consulting and IT services firm, discovered a true partner in every sense of the word in TARGIT.


enVista partnership with us


enVista first partnered with TARGIT because of TARGIT Decision Suite’s seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics. They were looking for a BI and Analytics solution that complemented the Dynamics stack and made it easy for those already running Dynamics or in the process of integrating Dynamics to also adopt BI.

Not only does enVista offer TARGIT Decision Suite to their clients, but they use TARGIT internally to combine and analyze data from their own Dynamics AX and CRM systems for real-time reporting, analyses, and dashboards.


BI on the go


enVista loves that their clients can get up and running quickly and integrate all of their data sources from inside and outside their ERP systems, and they also love that their clients as well as them, can use TARGIT on their phones. Brad Kirkendall, Sr. Director Enterprise Arquitecture and enVista says:



We have customers that have replaced expensive alternatives in the Power BI domain with TARGIT.
- Dennis Jason, Vice President of Sales at enVista


Plus, TARGIT’s powerful in-memory database solution, TARGIT InMemory, has added a new level of power to the product offering. This data import process is three to four times faster than the traditional process. This gives clients new flexibility and scalability to their solution.

Thank you, enVista, for trusting us with your clients! We're happy to have you as a partner.

You, too, can become our partner. Please reach out to see how we can work together. 

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Originally published March 16, 2020. Updated April 3, 2020

Adam Thomas
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Adam Thomas

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