18 Sources of Unwanted Losses Checklist

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18 sources of unwanted losses TARGIT

Increase Material Yield. Increase Profits.

  • Focus on finding the root cause to minimize losses at its source 
  • Learn the 18 common sources of unwanted material losses in manufacturing
  • See the sources of losses such as: losses during size reduction, quality losses, and contamination losses. 

A key challenge for food producers is to quantify unwanted losses – a tricky process because they’re often hidden, but it absolutely be done.










Knowing how to identify unwanted losses in manufacturing can be a tricky process because they're often hidden, but an important one because you need to be me aware of the losses and their profit impact.

Experience shows that a significant percentage of waste from any food processing plant is avoidable. You need to focus on finding the root cause and minimizing losses at their source.

This Checklist Covers

  • 18 sources of unwanted material losses in manufacturing that you need to know for improving your material yield
  • The losses you need to know to impact decisions for profit increase.