Analytics for D365FO


Learn how to build a full data warehouse based on your cloud-based ERP system.

In this webinar, we will show you how to extract data from your D365FO installation with TARGIT's own software.

You will also get to see how to install and run the software, including the TARGIT BI Accelerator.

Get an overview of TARGIT's solution, and see demos such as, running the official TARGIT BI Accelerator for D365FO (OLAP).



You'll hear from

Niels Thomsen

Niels Thomsen

Solution Architect

After the webinar, you'll have more insights in

  1. Current situation for D365FO customers concerning BI 
  2. TARGIT solution(s) in overview
  3. How to install the software
  4. Utilizing the InMemory version of TARGIT BI Accelerator for D365FO.