Data Discovery: Generate quick wins

Discover the power of self-service analytics

During these unexpected times, businesses, more than ever, are seeking information to protect their operations. But are they looking at all the available data to make the right decisions?

TARGIT's Data Discovery tool is the easiest and most convenient way to get the information needed without IT support.

Join this webinar and learn to connect to internal or external data sources, bring them to your BI solution, and combine them with your existing reports to discover missed opportunities and quick wins.

You don't have a BI and Analytics solution yet? No worries. During this webinar, you'll also learn to connect to your DMS, ERP, CRM, or any data source to start investigating your data and transforming it into actionable insights.  

Imagine what you can do if you start connecting your existing reports with data from telematics systems, third-party industry benchmark reports, weather data, payroll data, social media feeds, spreadsheets, and more.

Knowing your business in and out is the only way to navigate through this storm. And we're here to facilitate the compass. 

You'll hear from

Eric Wenham

Eric Wenham

TARGIT Customer Advocate

During this webinar, we'll cover:

  • What TARGIT Data Discovery is, how to use it, available data connectors, and how it can benefit your operations
  • Demonstration on how the tool works by our customer, Best Line Equipment. They'll show how they leverage and integrate TARGIT Data Discovery within their BI solution
  • Specific use cases that you can apply to your company to discover quick wins.