Data Trends Transforming the Food Manufacturing Industry in 2020

Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities in Food Manufacturing

We're happy to facilitate this webinar featuring industry experts with valuable insights on how data can improve sales, customer satisfaction, production efficiency, and increase innovation within any food manufacturing organization.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • Market trends in Food Manufacturing
  • How data aids in meeting changes and demand
  • Enrichment of data with real-time analytics to improve quality control, organizational and production flow, product transparency, and customer sentiment analysis
  • How to increase production functions through the use of business intelligence
  • Challenges for CFOs: Implementation of working with KPIs; the cultural and organizational change required to move into a digital area of using BI for capturing data

You'll hear from

Mikkel Oldenburg

Mikkel Oldenburg

Business Development Director, TARGIT
Pia Falden

Pia Falden

Head of Finance, Saeby Fish Canners Ltd.
Christian Kjærsgaard Binder

Christian Kjærsgaard Binder

Advisory - Operations Consulting, PwC
Originally published October 30, 2020. Updated June 7, 2023