TARGIT Decision Suite 2019

A new analytics experience

We designed TARGIT Decision Suite 2019 to improve the entire end-user experience.

This upgrade delivers more power, stronger security, and the easiest user experience yet. Now just imagine unleashing that level of analytics power throughout your company.


Notable feature updates include the new TARGIT Canvas, new integrated reporting engine, and a whole lot more!

Watch this webinar to see how TARGIT Decision Suite 2019  can help you gain more design control, and make measurable impacts on your daily business life.

You'll hear from

Mikkel Oldenburg

Mikkel Oldenburg

Business Development Executive
Tommy Jensen

Tommy Jensen


After the webinar, you'll have insights in

  1. Improved objects and new features to make them easier to customize to users' own preferences for the most user-friendly design experience
  2. The new TARGIT Report Engine that puts on-screen dashboards and printed reports in the same tool. It also supports multi-page design
  3. Two brand new mobile apps with intuitive UI and new robust features
  4. Designing objects once in the TARGIT Document Model and reuse them across all the layouts in the same document, from desktop, phone, tablet, web, and report layout.