TARGIT portal tips & tricks

The TARGIT portal

This is the last part of our four-part series of webinars where we take a deep dive into all aspects of planning, building, and maintaining a TARGIT portal with actionable knowledge for your company. 

In this webinar, we will go over the tips and tricks of the TARGIT portal, menu objects, and more.



You will also get a better understanding of the structure and security of the TARGIT portal.

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You'll hear from

Mikkel Oldenburg

Mikkel Oldenburg

Business Development Executive
Peter Høgenhaug

Peter Høgenhaug

Digital Experience Manager

After the webinar, you'll have more insights in

  1. Structure & security of TARGIT portal
  2. Menu object and how triggers can be used on any object
  3. An overview to report
  4. Using required criteria to limit large queries.